The Indo-Swedish Rheumatology Foundation (ISRF) is an initiative by an association of physicians to bridge the gap between the persons suffering from rheumatologic diseases in the developing world and the advanced level of knowledge, practice and technology in the developed world.

The foundation also endeavors to add to the body of knowledge and practice on this debilitating disease.

Vision, mission and objectives

The vision is to make health available even to the poorest. 


The mission is to enhance the quality of life for the thousands suffering from both acute and chronic rheumatological diseases in eastern Indian states (specially in Odisha) and to optimize preventive health care through patient education.

The objectives are to work for research & development, clinical work and information-education-communication (IEC) in the fields of rheumatology and pediatrics associated with clinical problems involving joints, soft tissues, vasculitis, connective tissues disorders and disorders of the autoimmune system.

Patient's care is of utter importance

Our rheumatologists and other healthcare professionals at the hospital will provide the highest level of care in all the areas of autoimmune inflammatory conditions.

We will also provide instructions for self-care and education from physio-therapists.

Research and collaboration
Our clinical works involve Adult Arthritis care, Children Arthritis ( JIA) care and managements, and Patients’ Society.

ISRF will carry out research on rheumatology and try to find causal factors for arthritis. It also will collabarate with institutions like Indian Institute for Technology and Fakir Mohan University.

A few areas identified for immediate research are Epidemiological study of Rheumatoid Arthritis amongst Eastern Indian population, Study of Children Arthritis (JIA) in Eastern India and Fluorosis and Arsenic related studies.

Knowledge and expertise
ISRF will explore the possibility of offering knowledge products and expertise to enrich Education in MBBS training and PG training in collaboration with IRA (Indian Rheumatology Association) and Swedish Rheumatology Society (SRS).

ISRF will also offer Patient Education Programs for Arthritis.

We are also offering a Center for Clinical Trials of certain drugs in collaboration with Pharma-industries, Research & Development Organisations, Government and Non Government Organisations in India and abroad in different phases.


The centre, established under Shakuntala Foundation, is managed by Dr Rabinarayan Dash and Swedish Dr Prof Urban Rydholm.


Dr Prof Rydholm says: “Many people continue to suffer due to old age aliments such as joint pains. This centre would provide the much needed treatment to the people suffering from rheumatism. Initially, we will be only providing treatment, advice and medicine, while subsequently surgery facility will be made available."

ISRF Board Members

Dr Prof Urban Rydholm, Lund, chairman of the board

Dr Rabinarayan Dash, Malmö

Dr Birger Bylander, Lund

Ulla Börjeson Munk, Malmö

Writer Charlotta Rydholm, Stockholm


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